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Archive: Aug 2013

  1. The Chicken or the egg?

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The music or the dance? I sometimes wonder about such dilemmas. However, we’re not exploring these concepts in rehearsals, that was a slight tangent (do feel free to leave answers below if you are so inclined to though, it could inform a tea-break discussion tomorrow). In fact, […]

  2. First sharing of Tiger and nerves for Jade

    Exhilarating, emotive and enthralling! Fantastic words coming from some of the people who came to see the work in progress sharing on Wednesday afternoon. I find it quite nerve-racking sharing at this stage as there are so many little changes to remember and the movement is still fresh in the body. But the opportunity to […]

  3. A week of discovery with Jade

    What a difference 5 days make! Only 40 little hours. It’s been a transformative week for Tiger and Tiger Tale with most of the devising now complete. This week, we had the chance to really get moving and set most of the choreography. As dancers, we create movement material based on tasks set by Natasha […]

  4. Tiger and Tiger Tale Rehearsals with Jade

    Roar…I mean hello! My name is Jade and I am a dancer with Barrowland Ballet. Over the next few months I shall endeavour to bring you the latest news and inside information on our current production Tiger (14+) and Tiger Tale (6+).  Feel free to comment or ask questions along the way! Management aren’t giving me […]