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Archive: Sep 2013

  1. Tour dates and some great reviews for Tiger and Tiger Tale

    If you haven’t had a chance to see Tiger or Tiger Tale then get one of these dates in your diary! Eastgate Theatre & Arts Centre (Peebles) Part of The Imaginarium Tiger Tale, Monday 14 October, 2:30pm £6/£4 01721 725777 / Cumbernauld Theatre Tiger Tale, Thursday 17 October, 2:30pm £7 (1 adult and 1 child) / […]

  2. Tiger tour starts with a roar

    Well, the tour kicked off with quite a roar last weekend: five shows, teaching, travelling and lots of tiger teamwork.  We spent Thursday and Friday in Mussleburgh, where we delivered a tiger inspired workshop at Campie Primary School before performing at the Brunton Theatre.  You can see  photos from the workshop, it was a delight to […]

  3. Tiger and Tiger Tale (6+) Opening Performance

    I lay there on stage in stillness, I have my costume on and I’ve checked my props; I have my head inside a bucket and I can see out of the bottom of it that the house lights are up. I can hear the muffled sound of voices and footsteps, which tell me that the […]

  4. 4 days to go, no friggatriskaidekaphobia here

    I’ve always believed the auditorium was a magical place. I still do. Since my great-granny used to take me to the theatre as a child, it’s been a place where I can be transported into another world and where anything can happen – a bit like going through the wardrobe into Narnia. I love spending […]

  5. The countdown begins: 10 days to go

    Platform Theatre in Easterhouse is pure dead brilliant! As well as a theatre, the mostly open plan building has a swimming pool, library, dance studio, cafe/bar (I canʼt get enough of their BBQ chicken wraps), recording studio and community college.  This week Barrowland Ballet are in residence for our technical production rehearsals in preparation for […]