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Archive: Aug 2016

  1. Whiteout performer Kai reflects back on her time at the Fringe 16

    This has been the 3rd time that I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in the buzzing Edinburgh Festival Fringe, again getting to soak up the Festival energy, see a variety of performances and wander around the beautiful city of Edinburgh. What I particularly love about the Fringe is that it attracts people from all […]

  2. Whiteout performer Sean Graham’s take on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

    The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. Baptism of fire! I’ve heard countless stories of the Fringe and each time I would always ask “Why would you put yourself through that?”. No one ever gave me a solid answer but now I recognise what I saw in their eyes and their held lips; it’s an amazing experience! […]

  3. Whiteout performer, Merry chats about her Fringe experiences

    I have always wanted to come to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and it’s even better to have come as a performer in the Whiteout company! All of the performances have been really involving and enjoyable, but this last week has been particularly memorable, as we have had some standing ovations – which is just such […]

  4. Whiteout performer Amarnah experiences her 1st Fringe

    This has been my first year at Edinburgh Fringe and it has been eventful to say the least! Performing 6 times a week with one day off has been the most challenging aspect but it has also given me a chance to explore choreography in an in-depth way. Working with the cast of Whiteout has […]

  5. Kj’s chats about his first Edinburgh Fringe experience…

    This is my first Edinburgh Fringe Festival experience. My first Scotland experience with Barrowland Ballet resulted in me re-locating from London to Glasgow…. Let’s see what happens this time. I have had a great time so far, the energy floating around Edinburgh cannot be compared with anything I have experienced before. There are so many […]

  6. Edinburgh Festival Fringe begins…

    SO today’s the day we have all been waiting, working and sweating profusely for – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe opening of Whiteout as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase 2016!!! The energy drinks, protein shakes and carbs have been going down a reet treat to keep that ‘muscular energy’ (The Herald) blasting out! We’ve […]