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Archive: Mar 2023

  1. Audition Notice for Performers Based in Turkey

    Key Dates : Auditions (Dancers) – Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2023 Auditions (Musician) – Sunday 2nd April 2023 Meetings (Choreographers) – Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th April 2023 Creation  – 3 weeks in Glasgow, Scotland October 2023 Tour: Atta Festival Turkey Nov 2023   Dancers Barrowland Ballet, Scotland and Atta Festival, Turkey seek […]

  2. Edinburgh International Children’s Festival launch their 2023 programme

    The Edinburgh International Children’s Festival is back for 2023, and officially launched their programme today! We’re delighted to announce that Barrowland Ballet is included in this year’s festival with our show Too Close To The Sun for ages 7+, being 1 of 14 live shows in theatres across the city. As of today the programme […]

  3. Too Close To The Sun- Barrowland Ballet Spring 2023 Tour announced

    We’re delighted to announce that we are going on tour this spring with our new production for ages 7+, Too Close To The Sun.  Inspired by the Greek legend of Icarus, this is the story of a girl who’s weighed down by the responsibility of the environmental crisis. She dreams of the boy Icarus and begins […]