Wolves- Dance Artist KJ chats to us about production week /

Image: Brian Hartley

So it’s production week! In the best way possible it has felt like Wolves has been in its creative period for a very long time. So truth be told I was worrying slightly about production week more than eagerly anticipating it. However this week has been brilliant- working with the entire cast in the theatre has been a blast. It’s been full on- intense at times- but it has also been fun, rewarding, & satisfying. It’s been great to see all the different parts of the piece come together in such a natural way.

The most important highlight for me definitely has to be getting to engage with such a variety of different people. One second I am working with or learning from a young child, and the next with an older dancer. These kind of experiences are invaluable to me, both as a dance artist and as a person. My secondary highlight has been getting to work with apples. Oddly enough I seem to have developed a strange obsession with throwing and catching them and I think that’s something that will stay with me for some time!

Our first dress rehearsal was also one of my favourite moments to date. The majority of St Albert’s Primary school came to watch and support us for our dress rehearsal on Wednesday; Performing in front of over 200 children gave me a different kind of energy and buzz. It has been a real honour to help create and perform in such a special and relevant piece of work.

I cannot wait for our performance days, but at the same time I don’t want them to arrive because I don’t want this process to end. Bittersweet. I hope you’re able to come and see us!


Tramway Glasgow, 3pm & 7pm Tickets

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, 7pm Tickets

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