4 days to go, no friggatriskaidekaphobia here /

I’ve always believed the auditorium was a magical place. I still do. Since my great-granny used to take me to the theatre as a child, it’s been a place where I can be transported into another world and where anything can happen – a bit like going through the wardrobe into Narnia. I love spending time here, on stage or watching from the dark and being part of that experience.

Three dancers leaping in the air

The dancers in action

Full steam ahead

This week, itʼs been full steam ahead with technical rehearsals for Tiger and Tiger Tale. You know itʼs almost showtime when the lights have been plotted, final alterations to the costumes have been made and Mary Brennan from the Herald comes to observe us in rehearsal for the preview (look out for the article in Tuesdayʼs Herald). The excitement and nervous anticipation of Friday the 13th is growing; luckily, to my knowledge, nobody on the team suffers from friggatriskaidekaphobia – the fear of Friday the 13th.

String Design not theory

We dancers were delighted to be asked to help design part of the set for each show. The set is a large cage like structure walled with geometrical string designs. We each have two large panels to design and complete within a thirty minute time limit; Chris, our production manager has offered a prize to the most efficient string designer. Looking forward to our last week of rehearsal at Platform, itʼs incredible how quickly time flies.


For information on Tiger Tale (6+) and Tiger please visit our production pages

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