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What a difference 5 days make! Only 40 little hours. It’s been a transformative week for Tiger and Tiger Tale with most of the devising now complete.

This week, we had the chance to really get moving and set most of the choreography. As dancers, we create movement material based on tasks set by Natasha our choreographer; which she then moulds, embellishes and edits until it’s exactly how she wants it.

Mother and father duet

Mother and father duet

Kai and I made a mother daughter duet, based on the concept of rediscovery; what is it that we now notice when we look at each other? How do we measure up against one another? What influence has Tiger left behind in us?  Vince and Kai made a moving duet exploring the significance of a tender touch when intimacy has been lost and how we might react when a partner may or may not want the same affection.  The family trio discovered their dance, their routine and their method of functioning together.

These are just a few of the tasks we have been working on this week, and my personal highlights.

A taste for Chinese dance

Kai taught morning class every day, which was a delightful mix of contemporary and Chinese dance techniques. Kai is from Taiwan and has practiced Chinese dance since childhood so it was great to learn a new technique and get to know Kaiʼs personal movement style.

Blooper of the Week

Every dancer is trained and well-practiced in spatial awareness, however occasionally mistakes can be made. This week saw me take a heavy kick in the face while trying to discover the closest possible proximity we could perform a unison phrase. It resulted in my bottom lip resembling a buoyancy aid for the rest of the week.  At least now we know we need to space out.

Only two more weeks in the studio to go. The devils going to be in the details as we come to the crucial editing and final decision making stages. I’m looking forward to teaching class next week and getting to know the material better. I have a feeling another week of ferocious transformation is on the cards.



    • Belinda McElhinney

      Hi Wendy

      Our next professional production is Tiger(14+) and Tiger Tale (6+), we are performing the shows in Glasgow on Friday 13 September at 7pm at Platform and Saturday 14 September at 2pm and also at the Tramway on Friday 25 & Saturday 26 October. Details of the full tour can be found here if you scroll to the bottom of the page

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