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Barrowland Ballet is one of Scotland’s most exciting and successful contemporary dance companies touring nationally and internationally. Based in Glasgow, the company name reflects the company’s unique mix of popular culture and high art as well as their East Glasgow base and their belief that dance is for everybody. It is built around the artistic work of choreographer Natasha Gilmore.

The work is inspired by her personal experiences, creating an intimate connection with the audience through its authenticity. The works challenging themes are delivered with wit and humor. The insightful observations of human behavior and relationships enable audiences to identify with the stories in a multitude of ways, as they resonate with their own experiences.

Gilmore has forged her identity as an artist working in new and surprising ways across art forms, developing her reputation as a collaborator by working with some of the UK’s leading artists. Using original composition, well written text, intriguing designs and film to create her bold choreographic style.

The company’s professional work is directly linked to its community involvement and the two are inter-dependent with one inspiring the other.

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What people are saying

  • The enthralling and enchanting Tiger Tale, by Glasgow based Barrowland Ballet, a modern fable for the 21st century and a dance theatre tour de force.
    - Dublin Examiner, Tiger Tale
  • Challenging, emotive, beautiful and moving
    - Audience Member, Whiteout
  • It is the multi-sensory nature of Gilmore’s show that makes it such a winner.
    - The Times, Poggle
  • It’s enriched my life, I CAN, no more, I can't. I wish there were more
    - Participant, The River
  • The experience of performing was awesome.
    - Participant, Maryhill Integration Network