Bunty and Doris – thoughts from one of our Dance Artists /

Ahead of the opening performance of Bunty and Doris, we caught up with Salma Faraji who is one of our Dance Artists working with the groups involved in the project.

‘I had an overwhelming moment of sadness during the intensive as Natasha’s choreography reflects the truth of ageing and isolation. The groups’ danced with great energy, and were distinctive in understanding the piece; one particular group were discouraged by ‘acting’ old and frail, but came to realise the concept when working at the intergenerational intensive rehearsals.

During the first week, there was nervous laughter about ‘clanging’ cups and saucers; by the time their confidence built, uncontrolled moments of laughter filled the room when opposing cups and saucers accidentally broke the exciting tension of the dance! Facial expressions were powerful and expressed the variety of personal characters; the ladies grinned, laughed and smirked when told to ‘act an age of frailness beyond their comprehension, mimicking was a fabulous concept.

Prior to starting an intergenerational group rehearsal, I became aware of the adults playing ‘tig’ whilst the teenagers sat on the floor spectating! Quite a transformation to the start of the project! Seeing the older dancers  ‘let their hair down’ literally, and digest very modern/fashionable/hip-hop grooves, challenge themselves with lifts, and even argue about who is right or wrong shows their commitment. The variety of style corresponding to an integrated cast brought joy to the project.’


Bunty and Doris

See past the ‘frail’ exterior ad discover the youthful ravers underneath.  This is a new piece of comic dance theatre involving a large intergenerational cast of professional and communuity dancers, which challenges perceptions of older people.  Led by Natasha Gilmore, Bunty and Doris is part of the Luminate Festival. In collaboration with macrobert.

Platform (Glasgow)
6pm, 22nd Oct | £3.50 | T: 0141 276 9696 (opt 1)

macrobert (Stirling)
2.30pm, 26th Oct | £7/ £5 | T:01786 466 666


  1. Kathleen Thorburn

    Bunty and Doris was fantastic. We saw it at the MacRobert last Saturday. Do you have a video we could buy, so we can enjoy it again…..and again

    • Belinda McElhinney

      Hello Kathleen

      We are currently working on a film of the performance and will let you know when it becomes available.

      Best wishes


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