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Bunty & Doris rehearsal

Bunty & Doris rehearsal

This week has been busy with all of the groups rehearsing for Bunty & Doris. We caught up with some of our Young Company (Glasgow) who are performing in the show to find out some of their thoughts…

What do you like the most about dancing?

“I love performing because it’s another way of expressing my feelings through art and also communicating with people.” Tanya

“Dance is my way of freeing my mind from any troubles. Performance is the solution to expressing my individuality which allows me to be closer to the audience. ” Melissa

“Dance its just a way I get the stress of the day out its the way I feel good about myself” Amy

Have you discovered anything from being involved in Bunty and Doris?

“I have learnt that I can do more physical things than I thought I could do. I have also learnt from the older participants that it’s not about age, you can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it and they’re also very funny.” Tanya

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with older women in the Bunty & Doris production because I have realised sometimes “less is more”; I have learnt a lot from the older members who I talk to and have a laugh at every rehearsal.” Melissa

“Bunty and Doris is just an amazing production it has give me the chance to learn new stuff I never and it has also give me the chance to work with really nice women.” Amy

Bunty & Doris

See past the ‘frail’ exterior and discover the youthful ravers underneath. This is a new piece of comic dance theatre involving a large intergenerational cast of professional and community dancers, which challenges perceptions of older people. Led by Natasha Gilmore, Bunty and Doris is part of the Luminate festival. In collaboration with macrobert.


Platform (Glasgow)
6pm, 22nd Oct | £3.50 | T: 0141 276 9696

macrobert (Stirling)
2.30pm, 26th Oct | £7/ £5 | T:01786 466 666

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