The Chicken or the egg? /

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The music or the dance? I sometimes wonder about such dilemmas. However, we’re not exploring these concepts in rehearsals, that was a slight tangent (do feel free to leave answers below if you are so inclined to though, it could inform a tea-break discussion tomorrow).

Kim Moore, Composer for Tiger and Tiger Tale (6+)

Kim Moore, Composer for Tiger and Tiger Tale (6+)

In fact, there’s no question about it for Tiger and Tiger Tale (6+) as the movement and the music are being created simultaneously. Kim Moore, our composer, is in the studio with us collaborating artistically and working on the same creative tasks. Kim is playing a myriad of live instruments in the show as well as triggering pre-recorded, electronic sounds and using various effects pedals. She has created a beautiful and dynamic journey in sound that can either compliment or powerfully contrast the movement and helps bring the story to life.

Check out Kim’s page to hear samples of her previous work

First audience for Tiger Tale (6+)

On Thursday morning we will be joined in the studio by 25 children from a local primary school, it will be our first sharing of Tiger Tale (6+). Iʼm looking forward to seeing how the young people respond and what moments will excite and provoke them most.

We have been doing Vinceʼs ballet class the past few mornings. My inner thighs and Gluteus muscles send him their appreciation for the wake-up call. A good stretch before bed will be necessary tonight.


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