First sharing of Tiger and nerves for Jade /

Exhilarating, emotive and enthralling! Fantastic words coming from some of the people who came to see the work in progress sharing on Wednesday afternoon.

Poppy playing with her parents

Poppy playing with her parents

I find it quite nerve-racking sharing at this stage as there are so many little changes to remember and the movement is still fresh in the body. But the opportunity to perform the piece in its entirety, in-front of an audience and get some constructive feedback is invaluable at this point.

As well as gearing up for the sharing – refining and rehearsing – we had a visit from
Christine Dove, our costume designer. Christine came loaded with shopping bags and a plethora of costume options that we had fun experimenting with. It can be challenging when it comes to costume for dance as it not only has to be right for the character, it also has to be comfortable to dance in. Getting into costume was exciting as it adds another layer to the character and helps me to embody her.

Best way to start the day

I’m teaching morning class this week with a mixture of yoga, release technique and body conditioning. Tomorrow calls for some group massage I think, always an invigorating way to start the dancing day.


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