Greetings from Kj /

It’s Kj Clarke-Davis here, 1 of 3 London based dancers fortunate enough to be part of the Whiteout cast with Barrowland Ballet up here in Glasgow.  What an experience so far.

We are embarking on our 5th week of devising and rehearsals, yet Glasgow has felt like home since I first arrived. It’s a city with a beautiful energy, great people, and a seemingly interconnected creative community. Plus it’s not as cold and rainy as I expected.  I love it. I have to admit; I want to stay. Sold.

Whiteout. The process has been incredible.  Being in the studio most days training and creating with a team of amazing artists has been the highlight for me thus far. Although I also enjoyed making our film, and I’m looking forward to being filmed by STV this week.  Yes for us!  We’ve just had a week of tech rehearsals at Tramway Theatre and with just over 2 weeks to the premier, ‘excited’ is an understatement.  This piece has pushed us all physically, emotionally and creatively, which is not only a good thing for us as humans and creatives, but also for every person that experiences the final performance.

Prepare to be entertained, inspired and challenged.  I sure have been.

The Barrowland Ballet dancers

The Barrowland Ballet dancers, Kj’s at the back wearing the hat

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