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My name is Sean Graham. I am a dancer and choreographer based in London. I would consider that my career thus far has had a very leveled balance between mainstream, borderline and underground dance. In a time when those making the newest cutting edge creations are removing themselves from genre specification, I too find it complex to answer what type of dancer I am… I dance. Come and watch me. You decide.

Whilst you’re pondering on buying your ticket I’d like to share my experience of living in Glasgow. Now, I’ve travelled quite far with dance nationally and internationally but, Glasgow is something different, something special. In some places like, New York or Greece I had the feeling “This is where it is!! This is what is happening!!” In Glasgow I am experiencing a different voice which says “This is where I am. This is where I want to be.” As I’m still here I am still figuring out what that voice really means in the context of my growth… Maybe I was a Glaswegian in a former life.

Sean Graham

Sean Graham

Whilst I ponder myself an adequate answer, let me share something I have experienced in the process of the creation of Whiteout, it is the studio sharing of some of the dance that we held. We have been rehearsing for weeks, creating versions upon versions of material. As dancers (let me talk for myself) we were trying to remember which version went where so a sharing of the work was something that was submerged under the mental occupation of current priorities. So, when it did come up!!

Oh okay #smile the sharing itself. Ermm. Yeah. Enter small intimate audience at the closest proximity to us performing. And Action. All the hard work to this point was released and in a mental moment the sharing had come to an end. The selective and most coherent thing I took in was the emotion, tears and hugs that the audience had experienced during and after the post sharing Q&A.┬áThat was it. That is why we are here point blank – to make people cry. Lol. No, I mean to make people feel something on a visceral level. Since the sharing I know we have continued to be creative with that in mind but, only the audience will tell.

The last thing I wanted to share is, Londoners, you are getting robbed!! I just get the feeling that Glasgow considers people and not commodity more. You can see it in the landscape and building infrastructure. It all affects the people and creates the cities character. Parts of it feels like an organic New York where the road plans are vertical and horizontally crossed. Everything is close. You just can’t get lost. And…. the happy drinks in happy bars are scary low price Yega-bomb!! One pound! Shut-up!! Yes. The biggest heart soothe when it comes to money is public transport. They run it real good without the “Fares are going up because we are seeing how much we can take before you discover we really aren’t improving your service” speech we get in London.

I’m going to go now before I get arrested by the London Mayor.

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