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The Premier of Little Red has come around quicker than a howling hurricane! All of the elements of choreography, dramaturgy, music, set and lights have been breezed, blown and blasted together like an overactive Grimms forest of apprehension, wonder but most of all excitement.

Belinda walking the lightsEven Belinda wants to be in the midst of it all. This has given us challenges but nothing that can’t be sorted with a few shows under our belts. The wet Glasgow weather hasn’t dampened our Little Red spirits either, I think it may have helped our set grow a few surprises by itself.



Rob climbing treesWhat a great team of creative folk and technical staff we have with us! The old creative team and performers The teamfrom the international success Tiger and Tiger Tale having a go with a wolf this time. Also, the stage crew are awesome too-many a prop to be moved around backstage in the dark and not a stubbed toe so far-fingers crossed.


So come Premier it’s lights, haze and go, go, go!!! See you all there in throughout December!

By Vince Virr

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