Kai goes into the woods for Little Red /

The big news of this week is that we are for the first time rehearsing in T1 and the imagined set has started to become real. What a stunning and magical space Tramway 1 is, we are excited to dance our hearts out. I am not very good at describing things so I am going to show you some photographs of the set.

Trees made from chairs
Nearly ten trees are set scattered across the stage.

The trees are made from various chairs randomly stacked together.

The trees are of different heights to create the forest.


Silver tray fur backdrop

A silver grey fur acts as a backdrop on stage.

You can also see the red silk where Jade, one of the other dance artists performs some aerial work.The set changes its landscape providing aspects of time and locations (home, on the path, forest, grandma’s home and wolf belly) during the show. It let’s us witness the journey of Little Red. There are more unexpected, intriguing elements in Fred’s design. I stop here. I don’t want to ruin the fun bits of seeing the show.

Who is Fred?

Fred Pommerehn is an international set and lighting designer based in Berlin from the America. He has collaborated with Barrowland Ballet on the shows Poggle, Tiger and Tiger Tale.

Rehearsal time

We started to rearrange the position of the set in relation to the choreography including the dance spacing, pathways, and movement materials to juggle around the space. We also explored interesting ways to interacting with the set, leaning, climbing, swimming around, jumping. It is cool and brilliant. However, at the beginning, I felt scared to try because it seems risky. I want to avoid major injury of my body due to my career. After practices and practices, it is not difficult to achieve those movements anymore.

I felt great that we have achieved so much this week and I had chance to write this blog to reveal some insights from Little Red.

Hope you enjoy this blog. Looking forward to see you at the show or hearing feedbacks in the future. Lots of love, Kai


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