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I am Kai- Wen Chuang, one of the dance performers in Whiteout, the new production of Barrowland Ballet.

My highlight of last week was another dance artist, Jade’s birthday party in Grosvenor Café at Saturday night. Lots of folks, including her family, friends and the Whiteout team were there, gathered together from different places. People chatted, drank, ate, sang, and danced. It was such an amazing night.

One of my favorite things in the party was when the Whiteout team did dance routines to I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince. The dance routines were based on the exercises from warm-up class led by Nandi Bhebhe and Sean Graham. Nandi taught West African movements and Sean shared a dance style called, Waacking. I enjoyed being influenced by their dance styles and being one of the routine’s dancers. I felt a sense of belonging when I did it.

IMG_9374Jade's birthday party

Also, people had fun doing Karaoke. I didn’t know most of songs, because I am Taiwanese and I just moved to Glasgow in 2013. Sometimes I feel isolated, but I was happy to learn.

For example, Natasha told me that 500 Miles is the song people sing before the party finishes.

Those memorable moments occurred in the party, I hardly have chances to experience them if I was in Taiwan. The process of creating, rehearsing and sharing Whiteout is a way to go through/ process/ find my own perspectives and make my own comments on relevant issues from these experiences and share with audiences.

Kai and KJ waiting to rehearse

Kai and KJ waiting to rehearse

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