Nandi Bhebhe “The sweet smell of crushed apples will never leave me…” /

We’re lucky to have the wonderfully talented Nandi Bhebhe within our cast for this new incarnation of Wolves. With the show opening today at The Studio, Edinburgh, Nandi tells us exactly why Wolves is a show not to be missed.

Wolves! It’s been a joyful experience so far, getting into the studio and remounting this wonderfully rowdy and rich production. It’s my first time on the production so for me the first few days where more about learning the main frame of the work and getting a sense of the vocabulary into my body. But from the first I was welcomed into the pack so fully and warmly. Its a wonderful group of people, all bringing their own wonder, wisdom and animal instinct to the work. It seems that this edition of Wolves has all the essence and elements of the first but explores some of the themes a little further, still full of humour, heart, play, strength and surprise. And lots and lots of Apples!

I think it really does feel like a piece that reaches all, the whole family,  because its explores parts of the human experience we feel at many points along the way, across ages and places and experiences. It shines up a mirror, questions, entices and celebrates. The responses from guest audiences along our creative process have been very positive and powerful, and I’m looking forward to us getting our moving and grooving going on tour! Come see us.

The sweet smell of crushed apples will never leave me, I’ll be glad for it.



Join Wolves on tour:

Sat 17th Feb, The Studio, Festival Theatre Edinburgh Tickets

Sun 18th Feb, Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling Tickets

Mon 19th Feb, Eden Court, Inverness Tickets 

Fri 23rd Feb, The Brunton, Musselburgh Tickets

Sat 24th Feb, Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley Tickets

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