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So here we are at Platform in Easterhouse for the production week of the three Tiger Tour! Last time we performed Tiger and Tiger Tale here was back in 2014 when it first premiered. It’s amazing to think that both shows have been touring across the world since then and brilliant to bring it back to Scotland for a tour 4 years on, now with the addition of our new show Playful Tiger.

The main focus of this week is still on Playful Tiger with three test audiences coming in to join us, allowing us to keep exploring and testing things before we solidify the show for its premiere this Friday.

Creating this show has been a huge learning curve for me but having a clearer structure and trying to clarify each section is really helping.  A big development in my understanding of interacting with the young people is accepting that, as I’m constantly performing and moving in the space, I won’t always notice every single time a young person engages with me.  As performers, our focus tends to be on each other, especially in Tiger because of the way the original shows were choreographed and directed. Finding ways to open that field of vision up to be aware of the entire audience throughout the show is proving more difficult than I had imagined. For me however, it’s important to create this space within the show and that’s what I’m focussing on this week.

Throughout the research and creation of Playful Tiger we have been filming our sharings with test audiences. Watching this footage back is really encouraging as it’s then that I get to see the numerous moments where the young people have engaged with us, which I may not have witnessed at the time. Reactions may not always be instantaneous, they can be some minutes later, but it’s heartening to see that all our research creating Playful Tiger is paying off and my confidence is growing every time we perform.

It’s been a few years since Tiger has leapt around Scotland so I am very excited to be spreading Tiger joy here again. Join us at a venue near you before it jets off across the world again:

Platform, Glasgow
21st September- Playful Tiger, 1.30pm | Tiger, 7pm
22nd September- Tiger Tale, 11am
0141 276  9696 (opt 1)

Eden Court, Inverness
24th September- Playful Tiger, 11am
01463 234 234

The Byre Theatre, St Andrews
27th September- Playful Tiger, 11.30am | Tiger Tale,7pm
01334 475 000

Johnstone Town Hall, Johnstone
30th September- Tiger, 7pm
1st October- Playful Tiger, 11am
0300 300 1210

Perth Theatre, Perth
2nd October- Tiger Tale, 7pm
3rd October- Playful Tiger, 6pm
01738 621 031

The Barn, Banchory
6th October- Tiger, 8pm
7th October- Playful Tiger, 11am | Tiger Tale, 2.30pm
01330 825 431

Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling
12th October- Playful Tiger, 10.30am & 1.30pm
13th October- Tiger Tale, 2pm | Tiger, 7.30pm
01786 466 666


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