Playful Tiger Review: Coery Nicholson /

Playful Tiger Review by Coery Nicholson

‘Interactive and satisfying’

I think it was enjoyable and acceptable, the story of the family was interesting. I know things wouldn’t be perfect but only one person didn’t enjoy it. I am pretty sure the kids had a great time as much as I know. They were the target audience and spraying them with water they liked.  So at the end of the day, good, show. Interactive satisfying.

My favourite bit was the lighting desk and technology run by Craig. The lighting looked good.

I think the staff and venue at Johnstone Town Hall did a good job of making the building accessible. There were orange paw print signs and a quiet space, so it was clear where to go and safe for the kids.

By Coery Nicholson

4.4 stars

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