Poggle’s on tour… /

PoggleWell we are in full mid-tour Poggling action and we are so excited to be heading to Leicester to perform Poggle at The Spark Children’s Art Festival (sparkfestival.co.uk) this weekend. It will be Poggle’s first adventure outside of Scotland so we expect plenty of woodland adventures with the locals doon sooth. The audiences across Scotland have been great, warm and memorable- we’ve loved every Poggle-loggle-loggle-ing minute. Then we’re onto Imaginate 2016 in Edinburgh for our final performances of the spring tour until we scurry into the madness of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a big, green, bubble-popping, rhythm-slapping bang!

If you’ve missed us on our spring tour then never fear – you can catch Poggle at Dance Base from the 5th-21st August at 1.30pm. We hope to see you there.

Vince Virr


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