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A Conversation with Carmel

Carmel’s 80th birthday divulges long hidden secrets, delivers home truths and discovers new love in the visionary piece of dance, theatre and film.

Featuring Diana Payne-Myers, Matthew Hawkins, Vince Virr, Jade Adamson and introducing 18 month old Inigo and 2 year old Otis with an ensemble cast drawn from across the local community.

A Conversation With Carmel fuses the talents of some of Scotland’s most exciting artists, choreographer Natasha Gilmore (Glasgow Girls and Dancing Voices), artistic directors of Vox Motus Theatre Company, composer Quee Macarthur (Shooglenifty) and award winning film-maker Rachel Davies.

Our team / performers

  • Choreographer / Director
    Natasha Gilmore
  • Co-Director
    Candice Edmunds
  • Performers
    Jade Adamson, Inigo Bazie, Otis Bazie,Natasha Gilmore, Matthew Hawkins Diana Payne-Myers, Vince Virr
  • Designer
    Jamie Harrison
  • Lighting Designer
    Sergey Jakovskey
  • Composer / Sound Director
    Quee MacArthur
  • Film Maker
    Rachel Davis
  • Costume Designer
    Jennie Loof