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Bunty and Doris 2013 main production image

Bunty and Doris 2013

Seeing past the ‘frail’ exterior and discovering the youthful ravers underneath, this heart-warming and comic dance theatre piece performed by a large intergenerational cast challenges perceptions of older people and celebrates the connections across generations. With a cast ranging from 2 to 86 years old, the piece was made in conjunction with the short film ‘Tea For Two’ as part of a double bill exploring stages of life over a cup of tea.

Bunty and Doris will continue to be re-created and presented across Scotland with various partners providing opportunities for people of all ages to become involved in this exciting dance production.

Our team / performers

  • Choreographer
    Natasha Gilmore
  • Performers
    Barrowland Ballet dancers and regular participants, Barrowland Ballet Youth Company, Maryhill Intergration Network, Macrobert dance participants, Village Autumn Group
  • Lighting Designer
    Roy Fairhead
  • Costume Designer
    Jenny Lööf
  • Producer
    Belinda McElhinney
  • Project Managers
    Rhea Lewis, Nicola Denman