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Dance Film- Whiteout

Whiteout gives resonance to the complexities of bi-racial relationships. Informed by her personal experiences as a white European who married a black African and as the mother of bi-racial children, Natasha Gilmore explores this issue with honesty and humour. Powerful, and touching, this film stimulates conversation about race and racism, even within a family unit, while celebrating human connections beyond racial difference. Featuring an interracial cast and original composition by Luke Sutherland.

Duration: 10mins 37secs

Creative Team

  • Director/Choreographer

    Natasha Gilmore

  • Co-Director

    Andrew Cumming

  • Cast

    Jade Adamson, Nandi Bhebhe, Kai-Wen Chuang, KJ Clarke-Davis, Sean Graham, Vince Virr,

  • Costume

    Jenni Loof

  • Original Music

    Luke Sutherland

  • Cinematographer

    George Cameron Geddis

  • Producer

    Belinda McElhinney