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Dance Film- Wolf

Wolf is set in the stunning natural environment of autumnal Scotland and incorporates a cast spanning three generations. At its heart is the interplay between being guided to the right path in life by older generations and the need to forge your own path and choose your own way. Not to invalidate advice or guidance given by others but to acknowledge that ultimately we must make our own choices. Using imagery from well-known fairy tales and morality folklore, Wolf explores the interaction and connection between intergenerational communities and families.

Duration: 12mins 49secs

Creative Team

  • Director/Choreographer

    Natasha Gilmore

  • Cast

    Barrowland Ballet’s Intergenerational Company, Wolf Pack

  • Cinematographer

    George Geddes

  • Original Music

    Mairi Campbell and Luke Sutherland

  • Costume

    Alison Brown

  • Editor

    Blair Young

  • Producer

    Nicola Denman