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Family Portrait

Family Portrait is an interactive video installation work, combining striking imagery and
choreography, capturing Barrowland Ballet’s Artistic Director, Natasha Gilmore, and her three
children in an intimate portrayal of family life.

Audiences will see the family through choreographed sequences and more candid, natural ‘off camera’ moments as they encounter and embrace the many different landscapes of Scotland.

With space to roam, the children encounter rabbit skulls, converse with spiders, make war paint with berries and discover the fun of burying their mother in bark.

The work takes us on a geographical and emotional journey, giving the audience an in-depth insight into what it is to be a mother and a single parent to three young children. With humour and candour, the work shares an honest depiction of what family really is – responsibility, joy, balance, intimacy and, most of all, love. A celebration of getting out into nature, it invites you into an intimate journey of family relationships with all its relentless and glorious chaos!

Creative Team

  • Created and Directed by

    Natasha Gilmore and Robbie Synge

  • Choreographers

    Natasha Gilmore, Aya Kobayashi, Robbie Synge

  • Composer

    Davey Anderson

  • Designer

    Emily James

  • Cinematography

    Robbie Synge, Monika Smekot, George Cameron Geddes, Elga Dudareva,

  • Video Consultant

    Tim Reid

  • Chaperone

    Molly Danter

  • Production Manager

    Craig Fleming