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Frames was created by Barrowland Ballet and pupils from St Albert’s  Primary School and Isobel Mair School taking inspired from Barrowland Ballet’s immersive video installation, Family Portrait.

Frames is funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Arts Fund through Creative Scotland with support from Youth Music Initiative and Time to Shine. The Youth Arts Fund ensures creative opportunities for children and young people continue to exist across Scotland despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creative Team

  • Director and Choreographer

    Natasha Gilmore

  • Performers

    Pupils from St Albert’s Primary School and Isobel Mair School, Kj Clarke Davis, Molly Danter, Amy Hollinshead, Lesley Howard, Lewis Normand, Jo Pirrie.

  • Producing Team

    Nicola Denman, Jo Walmsley and Belinda McElhinney

  • Composer

    Davey Anderson

  • Cinematographer

    Monika Smekot

  • Editor

    Natasha Gilmore and Monika Smekot