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Into The Blue

They said she’d never do it. Impossible. Flying is unnatural.

But as she stretched her wings, they were stunned into silence.

This was what it was to be free. To soar. Effortless. The wind rushes through and your thoughts scatter. Caught between the sky and the earth … until you fall. 

Inspired by the Greek legend of Icarus, Into the Blue asks how do we negotiate adulthood when our childhood was bereft of love. And how, for many, it is the power of imagination and sheer determination that lets them fly when the world around is dragging them down.

Award-winning company Barrowland Ballet brings together Natasha Gilmore’s dynamic choreography, alongside acclaimed collaborators playwright Robert Alan Evans, composer Davey Anderson and designer Fred Pommerehn, to create this stunning new production.

In association with Platform and The Work Room, supported by Tramway.

Our team / performers

  • Co-creators
    Natasha Gilmore and Robert Alan Evans
  • Choreographer
    Natasha GIlmore
  • Performers
    Katie Armstrong, Molly Danter, Ilona Gumowska
  • Composer
    Davey Anderson
  • Set Designer
    Fred Pommerehn
  • Lighting Designer
    Alberto Santos Bellido
  • Costume Designer
    Alison Brown
  • Producer
    Jo Walmsley