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Playful Tiger

Age 7+

Playful Tiger is a sensory show for children and young people with complex needs. It tells the story of a tiger’s visit to a rigid family home where he turns their world upside down. It’s chaotic but brilliantly fun, with a focus on sensory engagement. Playfulness within the work creates space for a two-way response between the audience and performers.

The capacity of the show is 8 young people with their families and carers.

Playful Tiger was created with the support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation Funding and was inspired by Barrowland Ballet’s production Tiger Tale created with Robert Alan Evans.

To learn more about the creation of Playful Tiger you can read blogs written during the process including performers Jade Adamson, Kai-Wen Chuang and Vince Virr; collaborator Ellie Griffiths and our young venue auditor Coery Nicholson.





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