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Playful Tiger

Age 7+

Playful Tiger is for children and young people who are profoundly autistic and mainly non-verbal. It tells the story of a tiger’s visit to a rigid family home where he turns their world upside down. It's chaotic but brilliantly fun, with a focus on sensory engagement. Playfulness within the work creates space for a two-way response between the audience and performers.
The capacity of the show is 8 young people with their families and carers.

Barrowland Ballet is delighted to announce that Playful Tiger has been awarded funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation for this new piece of work with children and young people who are profoundly autistic, in order to explore how improvisation and sensory approaches can provide an artistic collaboration with this audience. The devising of the work has been informed by the children's own impulses and responses as well as the artists’ observations.

This funding is also supporting the Barrowland Ballet and Ellie Griffiths team to research and develop the most effective approaches to training and supporting venues to welcome and engage children and young people who are profoundly autistic and mainly non-verbal and their families.

Our team / performers

  • Choreographer
    Natasha Gilmore
  • Collaborator
    Ellie Griffiths
  • Performers
    Jade Adamson, Kai-Wen Chuang, Vince Virr
  • Composer
    Kim Moore
  • Set and Lighting Design
    Fred Pommerehn
  • Costume Design
    Christine Dove
  • Original Producer
    Belinda McElhinney
  • Current Producer
    Jo Walmsley
  • Audience Development and PR
    Sally Wilson