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The Blank Album

Dance literally rocks in The Blank Album! Performed live with guitars, fiddle, cello, percussion and voice, choreographer Natasha Gilmore (Protein Dance, ex Dance Artist in Residence, Dance House), composer Quee MacArthur (Shooglenifty), and a cast of dance artists/musicians, have created a comic Dance Theatre piece – The Blank Album. The work embraces the surreal and the fast pace of popular culture, via an emotionally charged intimacy, that invites the audience into the characters’ inner worlds.

Creative Team

  • Choreographer

    Natasha Gilmore

  • Music Director

    Quee MacArthur

  • Lighting Designer

    Sergey Jakovsky

  • Costume Designer

    Brian Hartley

  • Performers

    Jade Adamson, Laura Durrant, Gavin Fitzpatrick, Ruth Mills