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The Gift

Age 18 months – 5 years

A mountain of discarded wrapping. A lonely child with an active imagination.

It’s often the cardboard boxes, not the gifts inside that are the most fun.

Is the true gift the joy that can come from the imagination?

This is a story reversing the idea that it is the wrapping paper, the cardboard boxes and ribbons that should be discarded, and reveals that playfulness, creativity and imagination are the true gifts. This beautiful production celebrates the art of play, taking ordinary objects making them extraordinary and magical.

“I didn’t realise it didn’t include batteries…!” The disappointment of a toy that doesn’t work – every parent’s nightmare! But not to worry, this will become the best day ever with the arrival of an imagined friend and together they transform the world around them.

This festive show will ignite a playfulness, inspiring children and their families to find new games together when it’s their turn to open gifts!

Originally commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts, Capital Theatres and Eden Court Highlands.

Awarded Best Production for Children and Young People at the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) 2023. 

Nominated for the 2023 CATS awards:
Category – Best Production for Children and Young People.
Category – Best Design


Creative Team

  • Creator and Choreographer

    Natasha Gilmore

  • Performers

    Joanne Pirrie and Rander Martins

  • Composer and Sound Designer

    Davey Anderson

  • Original Set Designer | Adaption Set Designer

    Fred Pommerehn | Ruben San Roman

  • Lighting Designer

    Craig Fleming | Alberto Santos Bellido

  • Costume Designer

    Alison Brown

  • Production Manager

    Craig Fleming| Alberto Santos Bellido

  • Producing Team

    Nicola Denman, Jo Walmsley