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Tiger Tale main production image

Tiger Tale

Ages 7+.

Something wild is prowling. She can hear it through her bedroom walls, but her mum and dad seem stuck in the dull routines of their everyday lives. Until one day the wild breaks in and everything changes.

A troubled family’s world turns upside down when a tiger invades. It’s chaotic, it’s dangerous but brilliantly funny as the tiger reignites the family’s love for one another. With captivating dancers enjoy the thrill of sitting right up close to the action and the chance to explore the set at the end.

Our team / performers

  • Co-creators
    Natasha Gilmore and Robert Alan Evans
  • Choreographer
    Natasha Gilmore
  • Director
    Robert Alan Evans
  • Performers
    Jade Adamson, Kai-Wen Chuang, Vince Virr
  • Composer
    Kim Moore
  • Set and Lighting Designer
    Fred Pommerehn
  • Costume Designer
    Christine Dove
  • Current Producer
    Jo Walmsley
  • Original Producer
    Belinda McElhinney