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Too Close to the Sun- Additional Reading

We’re aware that children are increasingly weighed down by a sense of responsibility for the environmental crisis they’ve inherited. Too Close To The Sun is the story of one girl learning how to navigate these complex issues.
Thinking and learning about the climate crisis can be very overwhelming and so, alongside this production, we’ve been working with a group of brilliant young people in the creation of an environmental zine for all who attend our show. The purpose of our zine is to alleviate the anxiety experienced by 61% of young people due to the environmental crisis, by reducing a sense of isolation and offering hope through information and encouraging action.
Our zine covers small actions we can do as individuals to keep hopeful and to help our planet; examples of organisations finding creative ways of counteracting climate damage. Below are links to further reading and to groups for children and young people to meet, talk about and take action on climate issues.