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Wolves (2018) main production image

Wolves (2018)

For family audiences

Developed from the original five star production, Wolves explores the stories that have been told through time to different generations, keeping us all in place.

How dangerous is it to stray from the path, and who is it dangerous for?

The wolf pack community is set against the dangers of the big bad wolf, in a world of fairy tale imagery that sways between littered and tidied, wild and domestic.

Performed by an intergenerational cast with live music by Mairi Campbell set to an evocative score by Luke Sutherland.

Our team / performers

  • Choreographer/Director
    Natasha Gilmore
  • Dramaturgy
    Candice Edmunds
  • Costume Designer
    Alison Brown
  • Composers
    Mairi Campbell, Dave Gray, Luke Sutherland
  • Live Musician
    Mairi Campbell
  • Performers
    Davey Anderson, Rosa Anderson, Inigo Bazie, Otis Bazie, Nandi Bhebhe, Mairi Campbell, Ellen Francis, Irene Kelso, Joanne Pirrie, Vince Virr
  • Current Producer
    Jo Walmsley
  • Original Producer
    Belinda McElhinney