Racism towards pupils at St Albert’s Primary School- Barrowland Ballet Statement /

“For my school we learn how to not be racist, cause racism doesn’t just come to your mind, you get taught racism” P6 pupil Hoods Off
All of us at Barrowland Ballet are incredibly saddened to hear of the horrific racist abuse that pupils from St Albert’s Primary have been subject to following Nicola Sturgeon’s visit last Friday. We are incredibly proud to have worked with this remarkable school, their staff and pupils since 2016 and look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.
Last year we collaborated with pupils from St Albert’s Primary School to create Hoods Off. In this powerful short dance film the children voice their lived experiences of racism and islamophobia. To show our solidarity, we’re providing free access to Hoods Off this week, please watch and share and comment.
Barrowland Ballet does not condone any act of racism.

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