Thank you and goodnight for now Tiger! /

Almost a week after our final performances of Tiger and Tiger Tale, Iʼm still buzzing in the afterglow of an extraordinary few months. I would just like to start by echoing Vinceʼs recent Facebook status, where he said,

ʻStanding ovation at Tramway last night!!! Massive thanks to everyone who made Tiger &Tiger Tale possible and everyone who came to see it throughout the tour. Loved it!!!ʼ

Tiger sleeping in the snow

Goodnight Tiger

I canʼt agree with him enough. Thank you everyone. What an incredible journey it has been since Tiger was conceived by Natasha and Rob. The creativity, the inspirational team, the dancing, the music, the audiences, all those buckets and oranges, all that string and facepaint…it will all lie positively resonant in my bones until we get to perform it again. The last week on tour saw us perform from Giffnock to Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and Fife.  The latter was a special performance for me as Fife is where I grew up, so my entire family came to watch. In Aberdeen, we performed as part of the Dancelive festival, which is currently the only dance specific festival operating in Scotland.

The show itself continued to develop from one performance to the next, so by the end of the tour it almost felt as if we were just getting started; and with the amazing response from audiences across the country and the demand for more, I think that just might be thecase. So do keep your eyes and ears peeled for future Tiger and Tiger Tale news.

Good luck and best wishes to the whole team, who are all off to work on other creative projects.  Thanks for reading and hope to see you around soon.


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