The buzz and butterflies of a premier /

Little Red got off to a fantastic start at our premier last Wednesday night. The atmosphere in Tramway was buzzing with excitement (and a few butterflies in bellies) as we all prepared for the big opening night.

As a performer, it’s thrilling to present the work to an audience and a delight when the faces watching from the dark are clearly engaged and responsive…sometimes it’s quite surprising the bits that get a laugh or a gasp. The first few shows are a challenge for us as performers, getting the balance right between remembering what we are doing and being in the moment, in character. Finding the moments to breathe and embrace the natural rhythm of the piece are important too. With all of this going on the premier went down a storm with the audience…and we have two 4 star reviews from the Times and the Herald in the bag. Wolf digesting Granny

Post show, it was celebrations all round and we enjoyed the drinks and chat afterwards. It’s so lovely to catch up with our Barrowland Ballet friends and followers and see that number of people growing with each new production. None of this would be possible without their continued support and commitment, so thanks to everybody who has seen our shows and supported us on our journey.

Jade Adamson

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