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Roar…I mean hello! My name is Jade and I am a dancer with Barrowland Ballet. Over the next few months I shall endeavour to bring you the latest news and inside information on our current production Tiger (14+) and Tiger Tale (6+).  Feel free to comment or ask questions along the way!

Management aren’t giving me extra work though, they are pleased that  I’m on a personal  venture to practice and improve my writing skills;  I’m finding it’s quite therapeutic too…so here goes: 

The creative team deep in thought

Kim, Rob and Natasha in thinking mode

Its been an exciting first week of rehearsals for the creative team and cast here at The Workroom in Tramway – you’d think we had literally moved into the place, which wouldn’t be far from the truth. We have a further 3 weeks – plenty of time, optimistic smile – of devising and rehearsing here before we move to Platform Theatre for the technical rehearsal and premier. Having had two weeks of research and development time earlier this year, we start the week with a good grasp of the story we will tell and have some of the main ingredients ready.

The show is the story of a family who no longer function, a daughter who craves a friend and someone to play with, a mother who cleans all day and a father obsessed with work. Natasha (Choreographer, Director) and Rob (Co-Director) were interested in why a family might NEED a tiger to come and shake things up and what the tiger would represent and the havoc he might cause when he arrives.

Vince experimenting with the set

We couldn’t work in the main studio on Monday because Fred (the designer) and Chris (production manager) were busy building the set. This was a useful opportunity for us to work on character development with Rob. I play the little girl, who craves affection and someone to play with.  My pre-occupied parents are played by Vince Virr and Kai Wen Chang. There is one more performer in the show and that’s Kim Moore the composer, who plays and mixes the sound score live. What an incredible team!

I’m very much enjoying working with a narrative and a character that is quite different to my own.  I think that although the story is a heightened reality, it’s one most of us can relate to.  It has provoked me to think about how sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our own lives and goings on that we can take for granted those closest to us and what’s happening in the present moment.

Kai Wen confronts a bucket

Kai Wen confronts a bucket

  Highlights of the week

Seeing the amazing set in the space, creating a trio where I basically get to stand all over Vince and Kai Wen (sorry for the bruises guys), Rob’s post lunch comedy warm ups (not that Vince’s morning classes of Cunningham to Eurovision records weren’t brilliant too).

That’s all for now, I don’t want to give too much away in one go. Will keep you posted.



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