Variety is the spice of life for Vince /

We’ve just finished the penultimate week before we premiere Whiteout as part of DIG and then embark on sharing its life force with folk around Scotland! It’s the first Barrowland Ballet piece made for a conventional proscenium arch theatre for a while, in Tiger and Tiger Tale we are surrounded in a cage, The River was a huge promenade piece on the banks of the Clyde and The Pine Tree, Poggle and Me is three sides of the audience in an intimate woodland setting.  Having this kind of variety and finding relevant solutions is what makes working with Barrowland Ballet exciting, variety is the spice of life for sure!

It’s been great to be challenged by the other dancers’s different movement vocabulary and be stretched, squeezed & shaken out of my usual classic manoeuvres (although keep your eyes out for a few dive ‘n’ rolls still!). Luke’s music seems effortlessly incredible and inspiring. It’s awesomely exciting to be dancing to it on the huge magical stage of Tramway 1-what a joy!

The audience for Tiger at Tramway 1 in 2013 emblazoned themselves affectionately in my heart as they were just incredibly warm, engaged and emotionally charged throughout the performances, so here’s to Whiteout’s crowd being the same. Unfortunately, I don’t get to interact with all you lovely audience members in this one (I can hear your sighs of relief!) but don’t worry, there’s more Tiger action to come for a while after Whiteout!  ROAR!!!

Vince rehearsing

Vince rehearsing with Kai and Otis


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