Whiteout performer Sean Graham’s take on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe /

Whiteout, Barrowland Ballet. Trawway April 2015

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. Baptism of fire!

I’ve heard countless stories of the Fringe and each time I would always ask “Why would you put yourself through that?”. No one ever gave me a solid answer but now I recognise what I saw in their eyes and their held lips; it’s an amazing experience! Like WOW what an atmosphere; thousands of shows, even more people and all kinds of performances to choose from… and you bid for each Fringe goer to choose you, your show. Regardless of whether you’re a well-known company or an emerging artist debuting your first show, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe gives everyone an equal playing field to showcase their work.

So, Whiteout… 45 minutes of vigor and a push beyond exhaustion, every night. What a mental and physical experience (on and off stage). Beyond the sweat and constant gasps for air, the moments that have made the experience worth it, beyond the national recognition in the press, is the audience members waiting outside to express their appreciation and shared experiences. One lady approached me and said she’d been with her partner for two years and, whilst watching the show together, it was the first time she had seen him cry in all that time.

Extracting a conversation, too often had in the shadows, out into the open, speaking for those who cannot-  Whiteout appears to be doing this, this thing that is so close to my own drive. Being involved with something that matters like this is not only self-empowering for myself but world-empowering for others. I’m humbled.

We only have 3 shows left of Whiteout at the Fringe, catch us at 5pm at ZOO Southside. Hope to see you there.



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