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Image: Brian Hartley

I’m really enjoying working on Wolves; it’s great to work with an intergenerational cast again. Our last intergenerational project was The River, a site-specific piece we performed as part of the Commonwealth Festival 2014. It gave me the opportunity to meet people of all ages and backgrounds and to make friends. It was an unforgettable experience and I have wonderful memories from the project. Wolves is looking to be just as fulfilling and memorable.

There’s been so many highlights of the project. Following one of our rehearsals with the Saturday adult participants, it was really touching to see some of them willingly stay behind in the studio after the session, helping each other to practice the dance moves and commit them to memory. They all have such a great enthusiasm for the dance and it’s lovely to see people of all walks of life bond over the course of the project.

In one of our children’s group rehearsals, we introduced contact improvisation and lifting dance skills so that we could create a trio dance section with them. At first it was challenging to find various ways to explain, demonstrate, and gain their trust, allowing them to dance without hesitation or fear. As we revisited these techniques over the next few sessions, it was amazing to see their confidence grow and for the trios sections to take shape- something that I wouldn’t have expected to happen so quickly and so beautifully. Some of our participants used to be afraid of being lifted but now they confidently open their arms wide as if they are flying. I’m really proud of all the kids’ improvements.

Oh – and just wait till you see the double duets; they bring a tear to my eye. I don’t know how to describe the dance, but to me it is so simple, magical and beautiful- I guess because I enjoy seeing participates bringing their own personalities, physical qualities, and life experiences to the performance.

I am super excited to dance and perform with the Barrowland Ballet wolves’ family. And friends and families in Glasgow, I am looking forward seeing you in the auditorium and hope to dance with you in the future!

Kai-wen Chuang

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