Wolves is in full swing /

Photo Credit: Brian Hartley

I have had the joy of working with Intergenerational Company since it launched back in September last year. It has been such a pleasure to come through to Glasgow every Tuesday evening and work with the company and with Natasha. There’s something really special about seeing people dance together who might not normally cross paths- a 7 year old dancing with a 60+ year old, both respecting one another and appreciating the different perspectives each generation can bring. It has been great to see the company bond and develop; they are all fantastic.

Now Wolves is in full swing and it is really exciting to see the piece start to come together. It’s brilliant having such a variety of people involved in Wolves; not only are the Intergenerational Company participating but also Beacon Art Centre’s Platinum group, a Saturday Adult group and a separate Kids group. They’re all meeting at different times throughout the week, working on different sections of the show, which they will either do as part their group or as part of the full ensemble cast.

I am really looking forward to us putting the pieces of the Wolves jigsaw together and get a sense of the work as a whole. I think it will be so exciting during the production week in March to get all the groups back together again (which will be the first time since the Project launch back in January) and see Wolves come alive!

I hope to see you at the performances in March!

Hannah Venet

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