Wolves- how time flies /

Photo Credit: Brian Hartley

They say time flies when you’re having fun and that’s certainly been true of late working with Barrowland Ballet.  I can’t believe we’ve been wolfing around in the studio for 5 weeks now; generating material, brainstorming, trying ideas through movement, building and climbing on crates, throwing apples… And what is really exciting now is that is feels like it’s really becoming something – a show!

I don’t think I really grasped just quite how ambitious ‘Wolves’ is as a concept until the launch day when all 60 or so participants gathered into The Workroom.  I was suddenly incredibly daunted by the sheer volume of bodies in the room and the task at hand… but any nervousness was quickly dispersed by the almost tangible air of excitement in that studio, and the way that Natasha and the rest of the Barrowland crew just take it all in their stride.  It’s utterly thrilling to be surrounded by so many people of all ages, from all sorts of walks of life, and to come together with one shared goal: to dance and create a good show.

And now our opening night is only a matter of weeks away.  Crazy! We still have lots of work to do of course, refining the general structure and the individual dance sections, but the essence of the show is there – as is the integrity, willingness, creativity and capability of everyone involved.  I love this point in the process where the choreographer’s vision is being realised and a show starts to take shape, but it can also still go in all sorts of directions.

It would be hard to pick out any particular highlights in this process as from the beginning every day has been full of surprises and so much joy.  It’s become one of those projects that almost transcends being about dance, and becomes a wonderful, transitional life experience.  Engaging with people you perhaps otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to, working in such close proximity to each other and eventually sharing a stage with these people is something truly special.  And everyone has just been so open, generous and willing to try whatever is thrown at them.  It’s very inspiring, and has reminded me how fun it is to dance.

See you at the show!

Joanne Pirrie

Tramway, Glasgow, 18th March Tickets

The Beacon Arts Centre, 25th March Tickets

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